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Attracting Dozens Of "Referral-like" New Patients Every Month, Becoming #1 In Your Community, And Quickly Scaling To 500+PV/week (Or $1M/yr practice)

... without discounting your prices, or manipulating people's emotions 


How to Create a Compelling Marketing Message 

That Deeply Resonates with Your Ideal Patients

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Relevancy is your marketing message and your funnel. If the key to making a sale is having the right message to the right person at the right time and place… Relevancy is ensuring you have the right message to the right person.

We can break this down into three main components:

•    Offer

•    Positioning

•    Messaging


When these three things are not locked in, you will always struggle to generate leads, make sales, and grow your business.

Your Offer is what you sell. To craft a compelling offer that your leads want, answer this question: “What is the biggest, most impactful transformation you can provide for someone?” Then ask yourself how you can deliver that transformation.

Your Positioning is how you differentiate yourself from the competition. Essentially, it’s showing your unfair advantage and the proven process you use to get your patients results.

Your Messaging is how you communicate your offer to your audience. It’s the journey you take YOUR prospect on to show what your offer can do for them, and how they will benefit if they take you up on it. You align your messaging with your lead’s mindset whether they’re in “discovery mode” or looking to buy.


How to Consistently Capture Your Potential Patients Attention 

By Showing Up Every Single Day

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Omnipresence is the ability to make your audience feel like they are always seeing your content wherever they go.

It’s the key to dominating the newsfeed and screen of your audience and making your soon-to-be new patients feel like you’re everywhere.

This is important because it sets you apart and helps your potential patients get to know you before they even meet you.

There are 3 components to omnipresence:

•    Timing

•    Frequency

•    Platform


How to Make Your Audience Feel Deeply Connected 

To You And Your Message

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Intimacy is all about creating real relationships.

In today’s world, we face constant automation and technology. The people you serve are craving a real connection with a real person. In the healthcare space, this is even more important. So many people who see a chiropractor have been burned by doctors, and they desperately want to know that you are a compassionate individual who will actually listen to them.

When we think about Intimacy, we’re talking about these three things:

•    Connection

•    Conversation

•    Community

Somewhere along the way, healthcare became about making a quick buck rather than offering to help real human beings. 

...Intimacy is how you prove you’re different.

Conversation. It means you actually make an effort to talk to members of your audience. So many people online will run ads and don’t even do the most basic things...like reply to comments! Be involved in the Conversation. Respond to your emails. Reply to comments. Foster discussion in your Facebook groups. Care about your people enough to have deep conversations with them.

Community. You build a safe space for your audience. This isn’t just about having a Facebook group. But it’s about creating a place for your audience members to network, support each other, and interact with you and your content. Humans have always needed community. Build a tribe that you support and who supports you in return.

Postier Chiropractic

How to Charge the Perfect Price without Impending Rejection 

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If you’re struggling with your cash flow, and it seems like there’s never enough money in the bank…

And you can’t hire up because you don’t have the stability to really scale... 

Then you likely aren’t in a position where you’re charging what you’re worth.



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The Triple Impact of the 

Nuclear Effect


You grow an engaged, powerful audience. You get more social proof because of the size of your audience. You have a larger platform to get your message out. When you’re ready to see more new patients, you draw from a pool of people that already buy into YOU and chiropractic.

More people accept your care recommendations. You are able to effortlessly see new patients that actually accept your recommendations. And since you can charge the Perfect Price, you’re able to create cash flow that allows you to both grow and take extra profit out of your practice

You create deeper, more meaningful Relationships. 1-on-1 Relationships are deeper than those with your audience members. And when you have a growing practice and audience behind you, you’re able to also grow your relationships. You get access to better, more profitable partnerships with influencers in the chiropractic community. You might even be invited into media outlets. You have a network strong enough to build a powerful referral base, and you get access to new exciting opportunities.

Simply put, these are the three currencies that have been missing from your practice.

This is what every other online marketer has completely overlooked.

And this is what’s going to help you build a foundation for 500+ PV/week or $1M/yr and beyond.

And makes you the #1 go-to chiropractor in your community nearly overnight.

How to Go Nuclear in Your Community

In The Next 90 Days

But each one of them committed to bringing together Relevancy, Omnipresence, and Intimacy and create massive results.

No longer are they on the “Six-Figure Hamster Wheel”. They’re not uncertain about where the next patient is coming from.

They have a proven, predictable system that works now and for years to come.

Which enables them to actually have the freedom they want in their practice.

Each of these chiropractors were exactly where you are today.

They struggled to connect, they had trouble finding the right patients, or they weren’t getting paid what they were worth.

Now, if you want these results and you want to see the Nuclear Effect…

... so you can blow up the size of your practice...


... exponentially grow your revenue...


... and create lasting transformations for all patients...


In May 2018 she ‘made’ a little over $120,000 JUST with the patients she saw from our Facebook marketing campaigns. In 2017 her practice collected $1.2m, in 2018 she’s on track for $2m.


He was skeptical at first but in the first week he covered Power Surge Marketing’s fees for 90 days. After the second week he almost covered the first 6 months. Now he’s able to focus on opening new locations in different markets.


His story is long (it’s on our YouTube channel) but the short version is he was 30 days away from shutting his practice doors for the last time AND taking his wife and newborn children to his moms - their new home. He was seeing an average of 31PV/week and we got him up to 84 PV/week within 6 weeks. I’m happy to say he secured enough revenue to pay his practice bills and personal housing rent.



So if you want to explore implementing the R.O.I. Method with the help of me and my team...

... then apply here for a 45 minute phone call, just to see if you're a fit for one of our accelerated programs.



Hayden Power has been an entrepreneur for over 8 years and has never been able to quench his thirst for innovation. He’s the youngest recipient of a president's club trip for a multi-billion dollar telecom company, founder of a 7-figure marketing agency, and has personally sold over 5 million dollars worth of products and services.

Hayden’s real life experience working with Fortune 500 companies and even spending time with their executives during a Canadian delicacy; Hockey, gave him access to knowledge which he thinks helped shape his mental edge. 

When he finally took the plunge online, he committed with everything he had. The results came more plentifully, and faster than expected.

Now, he specializes in helping 150+PV/week chiropractors double or even triple their monthly new patient volume in 12 months or less without sacrificing their freedom. 

He’s helped over 50 chiropractors treat more, higher intentioned new patients and actively works with one of the largest privately held chiropractic organizations in the United States.

Hayden’s made it his mission to ensure the masses know the truth about chiropractic care and won’t stop until he’s equipped DC’s on the front line to share their unique message. His two drivers for attacking every day with intentionality? Transformation videos from his chiropractic clients sharing the breakthroughs they’ve had with a marketing program that works, and stories from their patients who’ve received the care they so desperately need and are now able to live the life they deserve. In 2017, Hayden quit an almost $250k/yr job after realizing it wasn’t in complete alignment with his beliefs and values. 

From nothing, he birthed Power Surge Marketing and began targetingDC’s who were ready to break through to the next level. His agency helps chiropractors who are already seeing 150PV/week double if not triple their new patient volume within 12 months.

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For more of Hayden’s content and exclusive trainings, you can join the free ROI Method For Chiropractors Facebook group, exclusively for 150+PV/week Chiropractors who desire to grow.

If you feel that building a sustainable practice and attracting new patients should be based on illuminating chiropractic and not manipulating people's insecurities...

If you understand that online marketing needs to be about giving value and being relevant at the right time and right place while being frequent and omnipresent to your potential patients...

If you believe that chiropractors have the LARGEST opportunity to radically improve the health of our nation for the better...

Then The ROI Method For Chiropractors group is for you!


...This is for the chiropractors who are ready to impact their patients at the highest possible level. For those who are ready to grow revenue, audience, and relationships.



Timing. Omnipresence is about showing up at the right time. When someone needs your solution, there you are. You accomplish this by being consistent. Which is why the 2nd component of omnipresence is…

Frequency.  We don’t try and show up magically when they’re ready to make a decision. We show up consistently, in a way that offers value and builds a relationship.

Platform.  And finally, you become Omnipresent with the right platform. For many people, omnipresence starts with retargeting and advertising on Facebook. But that’s just one channel. YouTube, email, ad networks, Instagram... all are channels where you can show up for your audience.

› When you combine Relevancy, and Omnipresence...

You get the formula for charging the Perfect Price.

How to Create the Perfect Connection While Always Staying in Alignment with Your Values

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Have you ever had a new patient show up for a consult and exam... and there was just no connection between you and them?

Maybe they didn’t know much about you or what chiropractic really is… Or it felt a little like they were looking at buying a car instead of being treated by a doctor who could naturally solve their problems.

If you feel like that, it’s because you’re lacking the Perfect Connection.

› And when you combine Omnipresence with Intimacy...

That's what you get!

When you’re Relevant to someone, and you become Omnipresent in their world, you essentially become an authority in their life.

If you have the right message that hits all the pain points, and provides a real solution...

... and you consistently show up with that message and demonstrate that you actually know what you’re talking about...

Then you become the authority.

When that happens, you can charge higher fees.

If you want to serve your audience at your highest level, then the ability to charge the Perfect Price is critical.

That’s the power of Relevancy + Omnipresence.

What does this mean?

When you create connection... conversations... and community…

And then, you show up consistently, you’re doing exactly what humans always do to create relationships...

... but you also become more invested in your audience because you care enough to be Intimate and Omnipresent to them.

That’s how you create the Perfect Connection.

How to Attract the Perfect Patients Without Entering the Race to $0

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Have you ever taken on a patient that wasn’t a 100% perfect fit?

Someone who just didn’t get you or chiropractic, or what you really stand for?

It feels like pulling teeth, doesn’t it? They look to you to save them, don't take responsibility, and then complain. We’ve all been there... taking on clients that aren’t a great fit because we thought we needed the money. 

And it’s a whole lot better when you LOVE the people you’re working with.

› Well, if you want to attract more of your Perfect Patients…

Then you simply need to combine Intimacy with Relevancy.

When you show your audience who you really are, you tend to attract the kind of person who really resonates with you!

When you’re open about your values, and what matters to you...

... the people who come wanting to work with you also share those values.




When you are able to attract the Perfect Patient, charge the Perfect Price, and create the Perfection Connection...

... the combined power of these three elements is overwhelming.

Something incredible happens.

It's called...

Unlock exponential growth in your practice,

Become #1 in your community,

Grow revenue exponentially, 

Expand your audience,

And you build a deeper connection with patients, resulting in higher PVA's than ever before.

When I found the ROI Method, I realized that I had been lacking Intimacy in my own business.

...And who want the strategic guidance and implementation from an ever-growing partner. That’s why I’ve built Power Surge   Marketing with a team that eats, breathes and sleeps this concept.

...We are a team of 13 people (and growing) whose mission is to introduce 1,000,000 people to chiropractic.

[ The R.O.I. Method ] for Chiropractors


Then I want to help you implement R.O.I. inside your practice within the next 90 days.





How to Monetize Your Audience And Unleash an Explosion of Growth In Your Practice

Thus, I wasn’t working with chiropractors that were a 100% great fit nor was I connecting deeply with my audience.

But once I began to be more Intimate in my marketing... it immediately changed everything.

And I’m not the only one...

It allows you to...

Morningstar Chiropractic


Omnipresence is about focusing most of your ad budget on someone after they become a lead. By becoming a “big fish in a small pond”, you erase competition and become the only authority in their life simply because you’re the one who always shows up for them.

''Power Surge Marketing is the absolute best marketing I have ever done! I have done newspaper ads for 4 months that produced 2NPs. My staff and I have done so many screenings and dinner talks we can't count. If you are looking for a turnkey marketing solution with very little effort on the doctor/staff part, then you have to give PSM a try. We had 18 new patients from mid November through the end of December all from PSM. Remember, this is during the major holidays season as well! Their system just works! One of the best things about PSM is that whenever someone opts in to our FB offer, I get a call on my cell phone. The phone rings so much that my kids recognize the number and tell me "hey Dad you have another New Patients calling!' PSM is a no brainer!''

''Power Surge Marketing has by far been th emost effective marketing I've done for my Chiropractic clinic. No it's not the cheapest, but that's what happens when you hire a professional and get professional results. I had previously hired an amateur and the results showed. In my first WEEK with PSM I had 8 new patients. The previous company landed me 1 in 1 month. PSM doesn't just take your money and run. They check in on your to see how things are going. What changes can they make to help you be more successful. They will give you advice on your end (your staff) to help you be more successful. Very happy with the results they've provided!''

''Power Surge Marketing is hands down the best Facebook marketing company we have used that actually produced real results with not just leads but people walking through the door. I have been with them over a year now and they still continue to produce. Also, my main office is in a smaller town, so I think that speaks volumes for their consistency after one year. I use their services for two locations, and they are steadily producing. I'm very happy with them! I think I may have been one of  his first clients and I was VERY skeptical because I had been overpromised and underdelivered (aka burned) many times before from other Facebook 'professionals'. I don't remember how many new patients we had that first week, but he blew the doors off. No looking back! Thanks Hayden!''

Absolutely use Power Surge Marketing. It's been a complete game changer for my practice and life. The results were immediate! Within 4 months, I was able to double the size of my practice. Furthermore, it helped me realize how unlimited practice growth can be. Quite truthfully, I am just getting started. As Chiropractors, I feel we have an ethical and moral duty to serve as many as we can within our ability. Power Surge helps principled Chiropractors tay on purpose to locate, analyse and correct Vertebral SUbluxations for the masses. I am grateful to Dan Bai and the Close4Chiro group for turning me on to this masterful copnahy. Not only with Power Surge bring quality leads, they will show how to maximize the potential of those leads so that they can become preatice members that pay, stay and refer.

Gateway Chiropractic of Hanover
Lexington Family Chiropractic

''I was skeptical at first. I've been let down by many marketing "gurus". Borderline stolen from. So my apprehension of signing with a marketing firm was scary. These are not a bunch of kids that want to make money in their parent' basements. This is a team, each one has a speciality - from copy, video, distribution, and metics. A Creative Bunch. Seems like Hayden is available 24/7 for me and moves fast without sacrificing quality.''

If you're a chiropractor seeing 150+PV/week, who wants to see more, higher intentioned new patients, and you want to build a more predictable practice... where you work with the perfect patients, charge the perfect prices, and have the perfect connection with each and every new practice member...

... then I want to introduce you to the R.O.I. Method For Chiropractors... so you can help more intentional patients while generating fewer leads, for less cost.

R.O.I. stands for Relevancy, Omnipresence, and Intimacy. Let’s start with how to be Relevant to your target audience.

Connection. It means you’re being honest and open with your audience about what’s really going on in your life and practice. You don’t hide things. You don’t fudge results, or pretend that life is awesome when it’s not. You’re real.